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Submission for Brackeys Jam 2020.2 - Rewind.

The Game:

You control an up and coming Yo-yo prodigy, with a will for righteousness and a desire for strength you are going to take on the Yo-yo masters who rule the streets and business of Tokyoyo.

Using the yoyo tricks you have mastered, take on the grunts and various yo masters of the Tokyoyo Tyrants in order to become stronger and bring about justice in an industrially controlled Japan. 

As the top scoring in your class in fitness, harness your agility to leap incredible distances and jump between walls.

The Theme: Rewind

Yoyo Man's main theme is Rewind.

A central mechanic in the game is the yoyo's String - after a certain amount of attacks you need to rewind your string in order for the yoyo to work. The player can Rewind their string by pressing R. Upon Rewinding, time slows and the player must rapidly spin the yoyo, rewinding the string so that it may be used again.


Movement: WASD
Jump: Spacebar
(To wall jump, jump onto a wall, face the other direction and jump)

Yoyo attacks:

Throw Yoyo: Left Click
Around The World: Right Click
Ultimate Combo: Q

Rewind!: R (Hold click on the yoyo and spin around it anti-clockwise as many times as you can!)

The Team: Various Amphibious Beings

Benjamin Emdon - Design

Luke Ryan - Lead Programmer
James Heath - Assistant Programmer (pretty cool guy

Ben Hardy - Lead Artist
Joe-Austin Flynn - Logo Artist
Adam Bester - Background Art

Izzy Raymond - Lead Audio and Composer
Jamie Carnell - Team Manager and Audio Assistant/Implementation

Andrei Pantille - Lead Animator
Tom Copp - Animator


YoyoMan.rar 56 MB

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