A downloadable Monke for Windows

The monkeys of the jungle are fed up with the humans constantly taking all the nuts and bananas from the jungle. It's time to raid their city and cause havoc!

Roam around the city's streets and rooftops breaking every object you see. Attack objects with your monkey to deal damage and break objects when you are next to them.

Rescue fellow monkeys that have been captured by the humans from barrels dotted around the streets of the city. Once rescued monkeys will join your destruction party and your damage will increase!

Use your monkeys to form ladders and bridges to cross gaps and get to high places so you can take over and destroy more of the city. 

This project is missing a few of the features listed above, you cannot collect monkeys and there is no attack button, also jump doesn't work but you can scream like a monkey and destroy everything (also you may have to Alt+f4 to leave the game).


  • Benjamin Emdon - Level and Mechanics Design
  • Tyler Boundy - Programming
  • Zachariah Coates - Modelling
  • Luke Ryan - Emergency Programming
  • Phil Hutchings -  Emergency Programming
  • Izzy Raymond - Audio (sfx are downloadable as not all made it in game)
  • Joe-Austin Flynn - Design and Concept
  • Joseph Janota - Monkey Man and UI


Monke Game Build 26 MB
Sound Effects.zip 2 MB


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come back humanity!