A downloadable game for Windows

Submission for Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2020

Theme: Out of Control

"This guy's nuts, how the hell are we gonna make it out of this one?"

You are a master thief frog, you have just stolen the Equity Diamond - one of the most treasured artifacts in New Frog City - and need to make a getaway fast! Call the getaway driver and get the hell out of there!

Your driver has fallen asleep, the getaway van is out of control and nothing is going as planned. Avoid the police and hazards on the highway by leaping from car to car. Pick up items and power ups which may help you on your legendary escape!

The Falmouth Frög Productions

The Team:

Benjamin Emdon - UI, Game and Level Design - https://twitter.com/BenjaminEmdon

Joe-Austin Flynn - Art and Animation - https://www.instagram.com/joe.austin.flynn

Luke Ryan - Programmer - https://github.com/LMR589281

Jamie Carnell - Music and Sound Design - https://twitter.com/zynthfulAudio


Pause with Escape


Nokia Cellphone FC (font) - https://www.dafont.com/nokia-cellphone.font - Zeh Fernando

Play-testers and Audience (discord tags):

Thank-you to everyone who play-tested and gave us feedback on our discord during the Jam!


-Friendly Neighbourhood Shiba

-Cassy Cornish


It's a Froggery! 28 MB


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looks like an epic gamer game

I've seen better frog thief games.